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Conference Workshops

Keynote Speeches and Workshops:

Allen Arnold Keynote: The Eden Option

Steven James Keynote: The Parable of a Good Idea

Living out the call to write means tapping into the creativity God has already placed inside of you and stepping out on a limb to embrace his calling for your life. 

Steven James Workshop: The Four Questions to Solve Any Plot Problem You Ever Have

Whether you outline or write organically, staying responsive to the story’s development as you uncover your story is vital. In this fast-paced seminar, we’ll examine the drawbacks and strengths of each approach, and you’ll learn the four questions that will solve every plot problem you might ever have as you write your story.

Fiction Workshops:

Writing Realistic Christian Fiction: Hallee Bridgeman

He Said, She Said: Gregg Bridgeman

The Riddle of Writing Mysteries: JPC Allen

The Hero's Journey: Paula Peckham

How to Stress Out Your Reader: Gail Kittlson

(More Workshops Coming Soon)

Specialty Workshops:

Writing Children's Books from Birth Through Chapter Books: Bettie Boswell

Writing Middle Grade Fiction: Annette Griffin

Devotionals - Turning Personal Experiences into Parables: Cindy Sproles

All About Guns for Writers: Mike Pavlantos

Workshop with Becky Minor

Marketing/Career Workshops:

Publishing 101: Deb Haggarty

The Business of Writing: Deb Haggarty

Using Celebrate Lit for Marketing: Sandra Barella

Conquer the Chaos Writer! Organize and Maintain Space, Time, Material, and Minds: Liana George

The Shy Girl's Guide to Getting Published: Karin Berry

3-2-1 Launch Your Book: Lauren Crewes

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