Nineteen-year-old Rae Riley can barely believe her gamble paid off. After spending seven months investigating the identity of her father and whether he tried to murder her mother, Rae has been accepted by her dad, Sheriff Walter "Mal" Malinowski IV, and his immediate family with open hearts. And for the fi rst time in her life, Rae is making friends, jamming with three cute cops who play outlaw country music.


But someone is leaving Rae threatening notes, reminding her of her late mother's notorious past when Bella Rydell wrecked homes and lives during the few years she lived in rural Marlin County, Ohio. Fearing the threats will make Mal and his family reject her, Rae investigates the mystery on her own. But her amateur sleuthing may cost her the father she's always wanted when the stalker changes targets and takes dead aim at Mal.


"Here comes another debut author readers need to pay attention to. This author has the instinct to evoke emotions and pictures into her writing. If she hasn't lived through experiences that relate to her scenes, she's intuitive enough to vision those and write them into her work … I love that she has an ability that not many authors have: making the reader FEEL they are in the story, and that is what I call a real writer." – Carole Brown, author of the award-winning, bestselling The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman, the popular Appleton, WV Romantic Mysteries, and the heart-warming Spies of WWII. 

A Shadow On the Snow

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