For Sale: Wedding Dress. Never Used.

Michelle L. Levigne


Eve chose ministry over marriage, thanks to:


Andy, her college sweetheart with a domineering mother, and vague plans for their future.

(She bought the dress for Andy, but it didn't suit him any more than it suited her.)


Charles, who she didn’t even know she was dating on the rebound.


Mason, the loony who "bought" her from her bully cousin.


Nathan, the ex-Marine who started out pretending to be her boyfriend just to "protect" her from an unwanted suitor.

(Or at least, she thought she didn't want him...)


Real love didn't come back into her life until AFTER she decided to finally sell the dress, and let go of that particular dream.


Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

For Sale: Wedding Dress. Never Used.