Kiss of Peace: A Contemporary Exploration Into Song of Solomon

by Diane Virginia

Small Group or Individual Bible Study

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Take a journey through The Kiss of Peace: A Contemporary Exploration into Song of Solomon and step into the vignette as if you're an actor in a play. Discover your stage names, Love, and Beloved Solomon, and realize you are the Bride of Christ and Jesus Christ is your Groom. Find relevancy in reading Song of Solomon as a love-letter, and receive the divine love and peace your Groom offers.


Explore New Testament parallels, such as 1) your Groom's pierced, beryl-set hands which drip with the sacrificial and priestly oils of frankincense and myrrh; 2) the marriage cup of wine, which is the believer's Communion cup; and 3) Mt. Hermon's secluded prayer garden, which is equivalent to the Holy of Holies, which has now been opened by Christ's shed blood on Calvary's cross. This is your personal journey of completion through your Groom Jesus Christ's divine kisses of peace.

Kiss of Peace: A Contemporary Exploration Into Song of Solomon

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