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Quarry Hall Omnibus 

Three Novels: Darcy, Nikki, and Charli

by Michelle L. Levigne




Black Ops doesn’t begin to describe Vincent’s former paramilitary team.


When a friend of the Arc Foundation requests help for a rescue mission facing scandal, Vincent learns two former teammates are involved. He must investigate for the sake of his conscience, but can his instincts be trusted? Who has reformed, and who still waits to destroy those who betrayed him years ago, when their team disintegrated?


Joan comes along, to provide balance and a second pair of eyes. One former teammate, Josh is in charge of renovations. Karl, the other former teammate, is the fundraiser. Darcy, Josh’s daughter, is an idealistic young woman ready to give her life for what she believes. As Vincent and Joan track down the enemies of the mission, they uncover lies and an insidious scheme, with Darcy as pawn and prize.




Nikki lives a faerie tale existence, but after a chance encounter with Joan Archer, she starts to rethink her choices. Especially since she is pregnant, and her boyfriend doesn't want the baby. Brock has changed since convincing Nikki to run away from home two years ago. Now his goal is to protect her from his drug lord boss. When his DEA contacts say they can't protect Nikki, Brock must break her heart to drive her away, so she will be safe.


Ashamed to be the prodigal, Nikki doesn't go straight home. Joan and the Quarry Hall sisters find her and start her healing and the journey home. The drug lord decides to find Nikki, and bring her back to use her to camouflage the organization's activities. When he kidnaps her, Quarry Hall and friends marshal their resources to find her before it is too late.




Years ago, Charli Carson and her father surprised a thief searching his laboratory. She was crippled and he died.


Nightmares plague Charli, so a reclusive life is easy. Joan Archer comes to the Carsons’ hidden forest lab, seeking to save her father’s life with their breakthrough plant-reclamation and breeding research, and prompting Charli and her mother to reevaluate choices they have made.


When they shelter the children of friends in danger, a chain of events leads to the enemy striking once more. Charli must conquer her fears and nightmares to protect the children and find answers before it is too late.



Welcome to Quarry Hall, where the wounded find shelter and healing, and train to share that healing and the lessons they have learned with other hurting souls.


Quarry Hall is the mansion home of the Arc Foundation, a philanthropic foundation dedicated to finding the people who have fallen through the cracks and give badly needed assistance, one person at a time. The daughters of Quarry Hall are the walking wounded, and still have some growing and healing to do as they face a wounded world. Accompanied by their guard dogs, trained in self-defense, aided by innovative technology and with intelligence and military connections, they put their lives on the line for the One who did the same for them.


ISBN: 978-1-949564-38-9

Quarry Hall Omnibus #2