Teddy Bear Dancer

Tabor Heights Year 2 Book 9

Michelle L. Levigne


Vic escaped a life in the Mob thanks to Agent McCoy, who also contributed to his spiritual rebirth. So when ten-year-old Joey McCoy arrives in Tabor, needing protection, he doesn't hesitate to shelter the little girl. Problem: children aren't his forte. He turns to Rene, his business partner, for help.


Two weeks of instant family life has them chafing at the dark secrets in their individual pasts, which they both believe are blocking them from taking their friendship deeper and warmer. Minor irritations, like someone sabotaging their gym and husband-hunting twits trying to trap Vic just add to the discontent that threatens their safe, comfortable lives.


Then Joey's talent for calculating the odds gains the attention of the wrong people. Protecting her exposes Vic's secrets to the wrong people -- and to Rene. If they can learn to face the past together, they might just be able to build a future together.


Welcome to Tabor Heights:

A friendly little town on Ohio's North Coast, where sweet romance is always in the air.


Here you'll be able to explore the lives of the members of the congregation of Tabor Christian Church in the space of two years. The stories overlap, and there's no one right place to start.


Just like any small town, you come in, you meet someone, you hear their story and get to know them, and they introduce you to their friends, tell you something about them, and you learn those stories. As you get to know these new friends, they introduce you to other people, and tell you about other interesting stories in town.


It's the same way with Tabor Heights. Start with the story that interests you the most, and then branch out. Check the trailer videos, to get an idea of the stories offered in each year.


Settle back and enjoy your visit.


The Teddy Bear Dancer