Tabor Height Series Year 2: Book 8

By Michelle L. Levigne


Natalie was the little girl across the street who adored Tommy and planned to marry him when they grew up. In the wake of Tommy's broken back, the disintegration of his family, and his father's total change in character, Natalie's disillusioned father took their family and left town.


Now grown, Natalie is a traveling reporter for the magazine, America's Voice, with a special focus on Americans with Disability access challenges. Her past ambushes her when Tommy's father contacts her father, to make amends. Can he be trusted? Is his repentance real?


Then Natalie is assigned to cover the Mission's handicap awareness campaign -- led by Tommy. She is stunned and eager to see how the "boy next door" turned out, despite his challenges and life in a wheelchair. Tommy doesn't seem to recognize her, and she doesn't want to embarrass him by bringing up the past. How can she warn him that his father is looking for him to make amends, without embarrassing them both?


Just when is the right time, in the middle of the handicap awareness campaign, writing her story for the magazine, and dealing with threats from some petty criminals blackmailing one of Tommy's friends?


Welcome to Tabor Heights:

A friendly little town on Ohio's North Coast, where sweet romance is always in the air.


Here you'll be able to explore the lives of the members of the congregation of Tabor Christian Church in the space of two years. The stories overlap, and there's no one right place to start.


Just like any small town, you come in, you meet someone, you hear their story and get to know them, and they introduce you to their friends, tell you something about them, and you learn those stories. As you get to know these new friends, they introduce you to other people, and tell you about other interesting stories in town.


It's the same way with Tabor Heights. Start with the story that interests you the most, and then branch out. Check the trailer videos, to get an idea of the stories offered in each year.


Settle back and enjoy your visit.